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Are you an aspiring pilot, or do you not meet experience requirements yet?

To offer assistance to aspiring pilots and those that don’t meet specific experience requirements, check out our FAQ section. Flight Deck Wingman will also be available for anyone to ask questions, or just generally chat about what it takes and what it means nowadays to be a commercial pilot. Some “wannabes” (as they’re known in the industry) will sometimes enter into huge financial commitments in order to fulfill their dream. Before you do, this is a good place to find out what the industry is like-good and bad!

You can email Flight Deck Wingman at any time, I will always do my best to offer you support, no matter what your level of experience. Or why not check out our Facebook page, post a comment and get a discussion going? Flight Deck Wingman also offers you the choice to join the Flight Deck Wingman mailing list where the latest job opportunities, hints and tips, amongst other things will be posted.

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