“…I attended a Flight Deck Wingman interview preparation day and a matter of weeks later got offered my first airline job from the first interview I attended. I attribute this success largely to the Flight Deck Wingman team, who not only teach you the techniques to recognise and know the style of answer and competencies that the assessors are looking for, but also give you the confidence to deliver them in a first class manner. I would absolutely recommend Flight Deck Wingman as a necessity for anyone looking to ensure they give themselves the best chance of securing a job.” 

Emil Benson – Aspiring Pilot to FlyBe

Forthcoming Flight Deck Wingman Training Events

Follow in the footsteps of other successful clients and book your place on the next Airline Assessment Preparation Course Dates. Located at Lasham Gliding Society, Hampshire with excellent road links, free on-site parking and excellent facilities.

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  • January 16th – FULL
  • January  31st – FULL
  • February 5th – Places remain
  • February 6th – Places remain
  • February 13th – Places remain
  • February 27th – Places remain

Train to prepare. Prepare to succeed.GET YOURSELF A WINGMAN

Are you an aspiring pilot looking to secure that cadet scheme placement, or a low hours modular pilot wanting to get that first all-important job? Perhaps you’re already working as a commercial pilot and are moving on to your dream airline…Then our Flight Deck Wingman Airline Assessment Preparation Day Course is for you!

Why choose the course?

Flight Deck Wingman understands the unique and specialised nature of Airline Pilot selection processes – competition is fierce! You will be competing for jobs against a range of pilots from different experience levels and backgrounds. From military pilots, to cadet pilots and airline pilots alike, you will have to shine. Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail! Our team of Wingmen are all hugely experienced pilots with backgrounds in airlines that include Thomas Cook, TUI, Jet2.com and British Airways. We understand the key techniques you’ll need to be successful in any airline selection process. We will ensure that you are supported and trained to the highest standards and leave the course more confident, more knowledgeable and fully equipped with the tools to be successful as you embark on your mission to get that seat on the flight deck. Get yourself a Wingman, a Flight Deck Wingman!

Course Content

  • Airline Case Study – Understanding an airline and its ethos is key to success. Our techniques will teach you how to transmit this at interview.
  • Interview Training – Targeting airline competencies is vital. We will train you in the core competencies you need to shine during your personal interview!
  • Group Exercise Training – CRM and Human Factors are vital in the airline world, working as a team in order to achieve a safe and successful outcome. We will ensure that you understand the key skills that will make you shine during this process designed to select the pilots that airlines require.
  • Psychometric Testing – Give yourself the best chance of being successful with psychometric tests that are frequently used by many airlines during the selection process. Pre-course study material will ensure that you uncover the areas you need to work on to achieve success!
  • Group Exercise Practical and real life Planning Exercise x 2 – Together, you and your team mates will work together to solve two very different fictitious scenarios. Get ready for an in-depth post flight debrief from your Wingmen!
  • Interview Practical – An opportunity to practise navigating those tricky interview questions! Flight Deck Wingman will provide you with invaluable feedback and support, plus you’ll have the chance to watch the other course members deliver their answers – a real benefit to all on the course!
  • Post Flight Debrief – Your Wingmen will be by your side to talk everything airline and answer any other questions you you might have about life in the airline world.

Want to become part of the growing formation? Then read on.

Flight Deck Wingman is passionate about supporting you. That’s why we now offer the opportunity to those that have already attended one of our courses, to become part of the Flight Deck Wingman Squadron and re-attend to observe another course for free!* Flight Deck Wingman believes that this ethical and team approach is integral to both our and your success. Flight Deck Wingman – Techniques Not Tip Offs.

* At the sole discretion of Flight Deck Wingman. Passive observation of the course attendees only. First come, first served basis. Clients will not have an opportunity to play an active role during the day, but may be asked to carry out some administrational duties to assist the Wingmen.

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