CV and Covering Letter Package

Flight Deck Wingman understands just how difficult it is to get that first aviation job. Many pilots will have spent many years and tens of thousands of pounds gaining their ATPL. However, the hard work doesn’t end there. Once you have found an airline with requirements that match your experience, then it’s time to get to work on securing an interview. This is where a high standard of CV and covering letter really come into their own.

Most pilots are perfectly capable of constructing a well thought out CV and covering letter. However, with thousands of applications landing on recruiters desk each and every time a recruitment window opens, yours has to fly higher than the rest! Flight Deck Wingman will ensure that yours highlights all of your personal and professional qualities and attributes, whilst ensuring that all the pertinent information that the recruitment team are looking for is present. Flight Deck Wingman offers a variety of services to suit your individual needs.


“…Andrew has the ability to turn a good covering letter, into a great covering letter! I don’t think I would have got an assessment were it not for his guidance”

Chris: Military fast jet pilot.

Covering Letter Service

Creating a powerful covering letter is crucial to an airline application, so this is an opportunity for you to really shine! Flight Deck Wingman will review your covering letter and highlight any errors in spelling and/or grammar. We will also provide extensive feedback on the general appearance and content of your covering letter. If English is not your first language, then this is a particularly crucial service. Many employers will judge you on the accuracy and content of your covering letter and poor spelling or grammar will reflect particularly badly on your application, almost certainly ensuring it does not progress to the next stage. After all, this is an industry where accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. This service is available in written format, but a Skype call. For a chance to tie up both your CV and covering letter, then why not attend our Flight Deck Wingman workshop, where we will train you in the right techniques to create a powerful veering letter and effective CV in person – a great way to score well from day one!


“….as a pilot with French as my first language, Andrew’s support had a huge impact on my application! I would not have gained an assessment with BA CityFlyer if Andrew hadn’t helped”
Alex, tow plane pilot and flying instructor.

Full CV Service

If you really want to ensure that your CV stands out for all the right reasons, then you might like to consider our full CV service.

On receipt of your existing CV, Flight Deck Wingman will review it, and in addition to the services provided in the CV Checking Service, we will then provide some detailed hints and tips on the content, layout and how you might like to change your CV to ensure it reaches its full potential. This will ensure that all the information that the recruiters require is to hand, whilst clearly stating the personal and professional attributes that would make you an asset to that airline. For a chance to tie up both your CV and covering letter, then why not attend our Flight Deck Wingman workshop, where we will train you in the right techniques to create a powerful veering letter and effective CV in person – a great way to score well from day one! 

We are gaining an increasing reputation for success in this area – visit our testimonials page for some great reviews!

Covering Letter and CV Combination

This includes the full CV service detailed above, plus a review of your covering letter that will ensure that you clearly demonstrate how your personal and professional attributes match the culture and ethos of the airline that you are applying for. Included in the covering letter, we will state other personal qualities, not necessarily linked to your primary role as a pilot, that will have a positive influence on the airlines continued success and profitability.

Do not underestimate the importance of a good covering letter. This can have a very powerful effect on the likelihood of your application being scrutinised in more detail.

CV Checking Service.

Your own CV checked for spelling and grammatical errors, and to ensure that it contains the appropriate information that the recruiters need to see to process your application. Feedback on the general appearance and layout of your CV.

72 hour service £115
One week service £105

CV and Covering Letter Service

As for the CV checking service, but including a full review of the content and layout of your CV and significant hints and tips on how you can improve it. If you opt for the covering letter service, this will include a review of your covering letter, individually tailored to make the very best of your background, experience, and personal attributes. We will ensure that your covering letter is also directed specifically at the airline you are applying to.

72 hour service £150 (CV £75/covering letter £75)
1 week service £130 (CV £65/covering letter £65)

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