For some pilots, this is the most daunting stage of the selection process. You will most likely have an individual interview with a pilot and/or HR employee, followed by a group exercise with some of the other applicants. Some people will feel at ease during this process, but most will have understandable nerves-this is your big chance after all!

Flight Deck Wingman will ensure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes that will make you stand out from the crowd-for all the right reasons! Our Airline Assessment Preparation services will ensure that you are equipped with all the necessary tools to be successful at this stage of the selection process. With a range of group and individual services, including our Airline Assessment Day Courses, Skype Coaching and Written Preparation Guides, your friendly Wingman team will suggest the right package for you and support you throughout the process.

Interview and Group Exercise Coaching


Interview Coaching

Flight Deck Wingman will equip you with all the essential tools and ‘know-how’ to be successful at any airline selection and assessment process. With “Techniques Not Tip Offs” as our mantra, you will be trained in simple frameworks that you can replicate for any assessment process. Interview training can be delivered by attending one of our Day Courses or on a one-to-one basis via Skype. Day Course attendees will receive a free copy of the Flight Deck Wingman Guide to Passing Interviews and Group Exercises. For clients that are not able to attend a Day Course, we recommend that you purchase a copy of this guide to start your preparation and then put the techniques into practise during a dedicated one-to-one Skype session. We will also cover how your appearance and general manner can help you impress the interviewers on the day. Flight Deck Wingman believes that training comes first, just as it does as a pilot. You wouldn’t expect to complete a line check having never been trained how to fly the aircraft!


Group Exercise Coaching

Get some real life experience of a Group Exercise by attending one of our dedicated Airline Assessment Preparation Day Courses! After some interactive training on the key skills you will need to shine during this phase, you will then have the chance to take part in a Group Exercise written specifically for Flight Deck Wingman. Following the exercise, you will receive feedback on both the group performance and your individual performance. We will ensure that you leave this session feeling more confident and perhaps more importantly, with the knowledge of the areas that you need to work on. If you are unable to attend one of our Day Courses, then we recommend that you purchase a copy of the Flight Deck Wingman Guide to Passing Interviews and Group Exercises and back it up with some Skype coaching, where your Wingman will talk you through a typical process and highlight all of the different skills and attributes that will really help you shine. We will discuss together all of the different characters you are likely to expect within the group, and how to tackle those that might have a negative influence over the group’s success, or indeed those that might require encouragement. This will ensure that you come across as somebody that would be an asset to that airline, its’ employees, passengers and continued success. Again, the training we complete will significantly improve your chances of being successful during this stage of the assessment. Flight Deck Wingman is here to help, and understands that this is a very important part of any airline selection process.

If English is not your first language, Flight Deck Wingman will help you gain improved confidence to improve your chances of coming across as a positive, confident, approachable individual, and team member.

Interview and Group Exercise Written Guide: Purchase our online guide to passing interviews and group exercises, and give yourself the edge when it comes to this stage of the process. Condensed information from proven success built over many years, giving you the skill-set and knowledge to really shine at this stage of the process.

Interview and Group Exercise Guidance.

Skype Interview/Group Exercise Coaching An informal question and answer session where Flight Deck Wingman will help ensure that you construct and present your answers in a way that will make you shine during the interview and group exercise! (first 10 minutes free if you decide it’s not for you). £69/hour
Interview and group exercise written guide How to answer questions and participate in the group exercise (with over 150 current airline interview questions and a guide on how to construct answers). Large matrix of qualities that the recruiters will be looking out for during this stage of the process. £50
Airline Assessment Preparation Courses Book onto one of our Airline Assessment Preparation Courses and give yourself the edge when it comes to being successful at your airline or cadet pilot assessment day. This dedicated day course covers everything from Interview and Group Exercise Training to practical training and assessment, with some psychometric testing thrown in too! Train to Prepare, Prepare to Succeed – Get Yourself a Wingman! £299
Military Pilot Transition Courses Our team of Wingmen have all made a successful transition to the world of commercial aviation. With backgrounds including multi-engine, rotary and fast jet from across the three Services, we understand exactly how to help you translate your experience effectively and equip you with the tools to excel at your upcoming assessment. If you are thinking it might be too early to prepare, then don’t worry – you can become part of the growing formation and re-attend one of the courses in a passive role for free (T’s and C’s apply). Flight Deck Wingman – Techniques Not Tip Offs! £299

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