At some stage, you are likely to be invited to attend a simulator assessment. With guidance from Flight Deck Wingman, I will ensure that you enter this stage of the process confident, prepared, and with all the necessary personal and professional qualities that the assessor will be looking for.

Once you get to this stage of the process, then the job really is yours to lose! Believe it or not, you will have done most of the hard work already, and all the assessor will be looking for is a prospective pilot that can be trained within the timescales that the airline requires, AND has the personal qualities that must be inherent in every pilot today. Flight Deck Wingman understands the wealth of different backgrounds and experience that pilots will be bringing to this stage. Perhaps you are an ex-rotary pilot making the transition to the fixed wing world, or maybe you have never flown a fly-by-wire aircraft such as the Airbus before. Don’t let this phase you, Flight Deck Wingman is here to help.

We will discuss how to brief and de-brief effectively, how to offer positive encouragement and support to your simulator partner, and coping strategies if things aren’t going as smoothly as you might like! With type-ratings on the A320/321/330/350 and B757/767/777 and 787 families of aircraft, and extensive experience in successfully passing airline simulator assessments, Flight Deck Wingman is certain that this first hand experience, combined with a knowledge of different aircraft handling characteristics and operational procedures, will enhance your chances of being successful with the technical aspects of this stage.

More importantly, with Cockpit/Crew Resource Management (CRM) being at the forefront of every safety driven airline, Flight Deck Wingman will give you the edge when the assessor is observing how you perform individually, and how you interact effectively with your simulator partner on the day. A good simulator partner can make your day, but a bad one-well, it can become more challenging! We can discuss just what we understand by “good and bad”. Don’t let a bad performance or nerves get the better of you at this final stage.

With Skype or telephone support, we will help you understand just what to expect from, and how to plan for this final stage.

Simulator assessment written guide: You should also purchase the Flight Deck Wingman guide to passing simulator assessments, and give yourself the edge when it comes to this final stage of the process. Condensed information from proven success built over many years, giving you the skill-set and knowledge to help you get over this final hurdle. Contact us today for more information.

Flight Deck Wingman can also suggest organisations that can provide simulator training if you would like to experience this aspect of the selection process, but remember, they are looking for qualities that aren’t necessarily related to your flying ability.



Skype or telephone support, or in person if possible. An informal discussion to what to expect from you simulator assessment, briefings, coping strategies, and how you can improve your chances of impressing the trainer on the day with your professional and personal qualities. (first 10 minutes free if you decide it’s not for you). £69/hour
Simulator preparation and assessment written guide. A detailed 10,000 word online  guide on the whole process of attending and passing a simulator assessment. What to expect, briefing and de-briefing, coping strategies, huge matrix on non-technical skills and qualities that the assessor will be looking for.*



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