The service Andrew provides is personalised to your experience and aspirations while his knowledge of the industry is key to effectively aiming your application. This will not just be at the right company – but at the right person, in the right company at the right time. When that application arrives you can rest assured that Andrew will have helped you create a CV that best portrays you and your skills and a covering letter that best demonstrates your reasons for wanting to join your chosen airline.

When successful in the screening phase the flightdeckwingman service will help prepare you for interview with a guide and coaching session based on the interview you are about to enter. There is nothing generic here! You will be prepped for the company you are applying to in a one on one session that highlights your strengths and irons out the weaknesses.

Does it work….? Absolutely.

I endorse Andrew 100%. There is no need to look anywhere else.

“Having used Andrew’s services to overhaul my CV and covering letter, I had an immediate response from a leading UK airline. His knowledge and expertise helped in a variety of ways and proved crucial in getting me noticed”.