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“Andrew came highly recommended from colleagues who had recently used FDW to help transition to a new company.  He was exactly the service I needed to offer invaluable support which fully prepared and specifically tailored my interview style.

After many years away from the interview environment FDWs interview coaching session built confidence, gave a clear technique to approach all likely questions and focussed my attention on the company I was applying for.  

I highly recommend FDW to give you the best chance of success in your new chosen job, you won’t regret it!  Thanks Andrew!”

Client – Cathay to Virgin Atlantic


“I would like to thank Andrew for his recent excellent guidance; firstly in helping me transform my CV into a thing of beauty, but also for the brilliant airline interview preparation day. The CV rewrite certainly worked, as I have been offered several interviews and assessments with major airlines, and have already been offered a position with Ryanair. His interview preparation advice (for me, as someone with very little interview experience) was really well delivered and pitched perfectly. He doesn’t just offer fantastic advice for general interviewing, but he tailored his advice to each individual’s previous background and experience, which certainly made me think clearly about what personal strengths I could promote to the airline during interview. Andrew is very insightful and knowledgable about what the airlines are looking for in a candidate for a job and this, together with his group exercise practical, gave me new confidence before entering my interview. I would suspect that pilots of all experience levels could gain a great deal from Andrew.”

Aspiring Pilot – Ryanair


“As an Aspiring Pilot, I was recently unsuccessful in a selection day and decided to seek some advice from Flight Deck Wingman. Andrew invited me onto the ‘Airline Pilot Day Course’ which highlighted the fundamental areas of selection and what the recruiters are looking for. From previous selection feedback, I struggled to describe my experiences in a way that would showcase the desired competencies and skills. However, exactly one week after the course, I was able to put everything into practice and I’m delighted to say that I have been offered a place with a major UK Airline Academy.

Not only is the course delivered in a professional manner, the aftercare is also exceptional and Andrew really does commit to helping you and your future. I would strongly recommend Flight Deck Wingman to any Aspiring Pilot.”

James Kirk – Aspiring Pilot to Ryanair


“I attended a Flight Deck Wingman interview preparation day and a matter of weeks later got offered my first airline job from the first interview I attended. I attribute this success largely to the Flight Deck Wingman team, who not only teach you the techniques to recognise and know the style of answer and competencies that the assessors are looking for, but also give you the confidence to deliver them in a first class manner. I would absolutely recommend Flight Deck Wingman as a necessity for anyone looking to ensure they give themselves the best chance of securing a job.”

Emil Benson – Aspiring Pilot to FlyBe


“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Flight Deck Wingman for the great support and help with the Airline preparation course I attended to. After attempting several interviews in trying to pass that first airline job interview and having used other airline preparation services but without success. I finally messaged Flight Deck Wingman (Andrew) to help me and prepare me for my next interview. Andrew was very professional and instantly knew what I required to pass. His techniques and teaching methods were unique. Andrew’s years of experience within the airline industry and air forces speaks for itself and certainly knows what’s required to pass. After attending a full day course of training I was more confident to pass my upcoming assessment. I am pleased to say after attending this course I passed my first airline interview thanks to flight deck wingman. I would definitely recommend anyone in using Andrew’s services and would happily use it again.”

Ahmed Mahmud – Aspiring Pilot to FlyBe


“I attended the Flight Deck Wingman day course having already done a lot of prep for a chosen airline so I was fairly intrigued as to what benefit/knowledge the course could add. To my welcome surprise, quite a lot actually. I found the course very helpful and also compliments very nicely any personal prep done before hand. I’d say that your own personal preparation creates a lot of useful dots of information in your mind, the flight deck day then helps to join these dots to create a solid model for what is required to approach recruitment processes. Of particular note I found the group exercise invaluable, Andrew is honest in his feedback, highlighting the positive but also the negative. This gives you clear points to work on before a real work airline group ex and for myself was of vast benefit. As well as Andrews teaching, it is beneficial that the course is open for the group to have discussion as different topics came up through the day, creating more valuable knowledge between us.

I’d highly recommend the course, I left feeling confident that I could attend any recruitment process and be able to perform well.”

Client – British Airways


“Andrew provides an expert level of advice and guidance, I felt I was one step ahead of the assessors and interviewer throughout the whole process because of the preparation I had received on the IP to Flight Deck course. There is no need to look anywhere else.”

Client – RAF A330 Voyager to British Airways


“Hi Andrew. Great news – I got the job with Virgin and received the contract yesterday.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help and advice, I know it’s a business for you but you clearly have a real passion for helping people maximise their potential and reach their goals. I felt confident and well prepared going into the interview, and although you can’t predict every question it gave me a great foundation to set off on and that set the tone for the interview.”

Matt Pereira – RAF multi-engine pilot to Virgin


“I was encouraged to attend one of Flight Deck Wingman’s ‘IP to Flight Deck’ Military Transition Courses by several colleagues who were already clients.  Having now attended one myself and ultimately been successful in gaining employment with my preferred airline, I can thoroughly recommend that any one who is prepping for an airline assessment day do the same.

The course content and delivery was excellent.  It highlighted the areas that will be critical on the day of your assessment and focused your attention on the competencies that recruiters are seeking.  The guidance given on pertinent techniques was especially useful, enabling you to construct appropriate and structured answers to interview style questions, hence giving you the best chance of success on the day.

On a personal level I have been nothing but impressed by Andrew’s professionalism, commitment and willingness to go above and beyond for each individual client.  I have no doubt that this is what sets him apart from the competition and I have no hesitation in recommending Flight Deck Wingman for anyone seeking employment with a civilian airline.”

Client – RAF multi-engine pilot to British Airways


“Whilst preparing to leave the RAF after 13 years I realised that there were probably many things that I didn’t know about the civilian airline recruitment process and so I decided to enlist the help of Andrew and his team at Flight Deck Wingman. I’m in no doubt that had I tried to go it alone, I would have focussed my efforts in the wrong areas, and been unable to showcase myself in a way which airlines expect.

I attended the IP to Flight Deck course and the CV letter writing course, both of these were extremely useful and I would highly recommend them. Andrew and his team gave me the skills and the confidence to do well in the selection process, and I look forward to starting the next stage of my career at the airline I wanted to work for all along. The real value in what Andrew offers is his time and knowledge, and I am extremely grateful for the personal interest Andrew took to ensure I was as prepared as I could be for the recruitment process.”

Dave – RAF multi-engine to British Airways


“Leaving the military is a daunting experience, but thanks to Andrew and his “Wingmen” I felt armed with the tools required to secure my first airline job. Having secured a place in two holding pools and with more interviews upcoming, I can vouch for the Flight Deck Wingman service – an invaluable ‘tool set’ that will give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed”

Client, RAF – Norwegian and TUI offers


“A big thank you to Andrew and the Flight Deck Wingman team for the ‘IP to Flight Deck’ Course. For anybody thinking of attending, I can highly recommend it. Packed with useful information and delivered impeccably by Andrew and his team”

Craig, RAF – Airline


“The NetJets interview went really well. I felt like I aced it. The Skype coaching was extremely valuable! I say that because using those techniques, I only got asked ONE competency based question. I know that the same interview panel asked me just seven of them! So yes, it really worked.

I got offered the job and happily accepted. They put me on the Citation Latitude as well, which is awesome as it’s not the recruitment fleet. In fact, I just got back from Wichita where I completed my type-rating. Thanks Andrew!”

Client, RAF – NetJets


“I recently contacted Flight Deck Wingman for interview preparation after being highly recommended from colleagues. Andrew’s approach and professionalism are both first class. I can honestly say that I would have struggled in a recent job interview had it not been for Flight Deck Wingman’s help. 

I opted for some Skype coaching, which is fantastic and provides you with instant feedback and a resolution to any areas that need work – this improves your confidence for your upcoming interview.

The supporting “Flight Deck Wingman Guide to Passing Interviews and Group Exercises” online PDF document I purchased was very helpful as well and clearly Flight Deck Wingman has superb industry insight.

Andrew was prepared to go the extra mile for me and offer extra help and support during the lead up to my airline interview with any further questions I had. This extra personable service is what impressed me the most and is what separates Flight Deck Wingman from other sources. 

I fully endorse Flight Deck Wingman to anyone who requires any help/guidance for an upcoming airline selection or job interview. It will give you the edge to get ahead of the competition!”

Client, Commercial pilot – Virgin Atlantic


“I can’t recommend attending one of Flight Deck Wingman’s ‘IP to Flight Deck’ Airline Preparation Day Courses highly enough. It’ll send you on the path to success.”

Client, RAF –  TUI


“Over the past year I have applied to 3 major UK airlines and I have secured employment with all 3.  Prior to undertaking this journey I contacted Andrew and used Flight Deck Wingman’s “Full CV Service”. I have no doubt that the only reason my applications made it thorough the initial stage of screening is due to the changes that Andrew suggested.

I also attended an ‘IP to Flight Deck’ Military Transition Course prior to undertaking any airline interviews or group exercises. In my opinion, this course is absolutely essential. The techniques that Andrew and his team teach make sure that you do not waste anytime in an airline interview or group exercise. 

They ensure that you are fully prepared to display the attributes that are required and give you techniques, which enable you to understand the different types of interview question. This allows you to give the best possible answer including all the qualities that an airline is looking for. 

Flight Deck Wingman’s professional and friendly service has been excellent throughout my application process. If you want to secure employment with an airline, look no further than Flight Deck Wingman!”

RAF multi-engine pilot – British Airways


“I contacted Andrew after working in the industry for over 11 years for some help with the interview process. Not having been in the job market for so long it was a little daunting. I would not hesitate to recommend Flight Deck Wingman to anyone looking to enter or move within the industry. He helped me to understand the skills and competencies that recruiters were looking for, and how to construct answers highlighting my own skills and experience.”

Ben, Commercial Pilot – TUI


“Andrew and the Flight Deck Wingman team, a massive thank you for the support and assistance you have provided over the past 12 months to help with my 3 applications to leading UK airlines.  As a service leaver with their last job interview being held over 20 years ago, the daunting prospect of preparation for application, aptitude interview at 3  leading UK airlines was made entirely manageable.  It is in no small part a result of your help that every application was successful. With expert CV support and guidance and combining it with the highly practical ‘IP to Flight Deck’ Day Course, I felt ready to approach every stage with confidence.

From the start, Andrew’s friendly approach and willingness to go above and beyond when I required help, and the words of advice via WhatsApp whilst he was “down route”, ensured that I have been ready for each stage of selection. I especially appreciated the significant personal time given to advise for each stage with each airline. The opportunity to practice my interview technique the night before I attended selection for one employer was, I believe, a key part of a highly successful selection at a very competitive selection day.

For anyone approaching Service exit, do not underestimate both the highly competitive selection environment and the strong competition you will encounter. Both are not insurmountable, however, Andrew and his team at Flight Deck Wingman will provide bespoke support to realise your full potential, communicate your experience effectively and sell yourself, something many service personnel, including myself, do not find a straight forwards, natural process.

Thanks again for the chance to develop and give a result which has secured my dream second professional aviation role with a leading airline.”

RAF C17 – Major Airline


“As an imminent service leaver I cannot recommend this service highly enough. Flight Deck Wingman’s service essentially amounts to the equivalent of the aircrew knowledge cheat sheet, handed down through the ages to help ease the transition during the daunting prospect of leaving the military. It is a highly articulated and focused product that instantly shows clients where they need to direct their energy and preparation and shows them how to work in their strengths. Crucially it shows military people how to stand out amongst a sea of competition in a HR driven recruitment process.

The result of these courses was that not only did I get my dream job at the first time of asking; I had the option of multiple jobs so I was able to choose the best option that suited my family. This was way beyond any expectations I had when commencing the transition to commercial aviation.

Thoroughly professional throughout, Andrew fully believes in helping his clients on their new start; consequently he spent several hours helping me prepare my CV for a selection process months before I had actually signed up to any of his products.

Andrew’s product is an absolute no-brainer for anyone considering leaving the service and the courses are a lifesaver while balancing exams, studying for licenses and interview preparation. The techniques taught will also allow you to prepare for almost any industry, not just a career in commercial aviation and I have also recommended his courses to several non-military people trying to get jobs in the industry.”

Will H – RAF to NetJets


“Thanks for all your help in preparing for my airline selection. An invitation for interview within 2 days of submitting my CV created with your help was much quicker than expected and a testament to the quality of your training! Combined with the expert advice gained during the IP to Flight Deck course meant I was completely prepared for what was to come. Aside from that, being able to message or call outside of the courses makes it feel like a very personal service and is why I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to go down the same path.

Client – RAF Puma to Jet2


“A huge thanks to Andrew for helping me and many friends and colleagues prepare for the TUI Airways selection process. I attended one of Flight Deck Wingman’s Military Transition Days which was a huge eye-opening experience. This coupled with the exhaustive FDW preparation package meant I had all the tools to succeed at selection. I only had a couple of weeks to ditch the military acronyms and learn the STAR way!

I gave my Early Termination Notice in March and by May I had a First Officer position waiting at TUI Airways- one shot, one kill- and in no small part thanks to the FDW package. TUI specifically opened selection to military pilots shortly after he helped our group. I think this speaks volumes for the work he put in to prepare us all.

I recommend FDW services to all military pilots transitioning to the civilian world. His “successful techniques, not tip-offs” mantra means you have the practical methods to pass any airline selection and smoothly convert to civilian life. Thanks again Andrew.”

Chris Barnard – RAF C17 to TUI


“Flight Deck Wingman’s help, guidance, knowledge is second to none!

The CV & Covering Letter service is fantastic. It ensured the necessary information was included in my CV to make it as appealing as possible to the company I was applying for. I then attended an ‘IP to Flight Deck’ course and the content included in the course meant I went to the assessment day fully prepared and confident, making it an enjoyable experience. All of the FDW services has led to another client successfully transitioning from military to the civilian aviation.

I cannot recommend this enough as an essential part of your application process!”

Gareth Hopkinson – RAF C17 to TUI


“Flight deck wingman was my first step in the process of “looking outside” [the military]. He generously skyped with me to explain all the different options and pitfalls. I went from knowing very little to having a roadmap to employment.

Later on I attended one of his IP to Flightdeck day courses which really put the meat on the bones and taught me how to prepare for almost any airline Assessment day.

With Flight Deck Wingman’s coaching I sent out three CVs, got three invitations to Assessment Days, and ended up with three job offers. This is a result I could not have dreamed of 12 months ago and I can honestly say the path would have been much less smooth, perhaps even treacherous, with out FDW guidance.

I throughly recommend getting yourself a Wingman!”

Andy – RAF Rotary to TUI


“I can highly recommend Flight Deck Wingman for any pilot of any experience about to go through airline pilot selection. As an experienced pilot, both RAF and airline, I felt able to answer pretty much anything that could come up in an interview, but it was very clear when going through practise questions with Andrew that I was far from the polished article and not really tuned into the airline and its ethos that I had set my sights on. The one to one coaching session was invaluable and I felt far more comfortable and confident on the day when I went for selection at which I was successful.”

Client – Virgin


“I am now 2 months into working for flyBMI and enjoying life outside.

The Flight Deck Wingman service has been excellent – both the CV prep and interview guidance was very useful. I have never failed to be offered an interview and each interview has led to a sim assessment. This is with both UK and overseas companies. I applied to both BA and Virgin and both offered me interviews but only after I had started at flyBMI.

Thank-you for your help, your thoughtful approach has definitely worked as I feel I have presented the ‘best me’ at each stage. The concept of techniques not tip-offs worked for me.

David Curry – RAF Voyager to flyBMI


“Leaving the military is a huge step for any one to take, particularly when undergoing selection processes as rigorous as the ones faced when moving to the commercial aviation sector.   Having not applied for a job since joining the military 15 years previously, every step was a challenge.  The first step was writing a good CV to get that all important call-forward for interview and assessment.  I was astonished at the preparation and detail that goes in to a flying CV (particularly as a military rotary pilot attempting to transfer to civilian fixed wing), and I must admit I didn’t know where to start.  Andrew’s guiding hand and valuable insight meant that I now have a CV that I can be proud of, and one that has proved to be crucial in getting me through the tricky transition.  With Andrew’s help I wrote a CV which helped me obtain interviews with 5 UK carriers, and I am now about to embark on a new career with a major UK airline on the 737-800.  Thanks Andrew, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Luke – Military to Arline


“….a passionate, dedicated and personal service from an Ex-military pilot that cares. What’s provided is a very strong product that will provide you with Tips, Tools & Procedures (TTPs) that will guide you through the airline selection process. Such is the product that it will aid preparation for any job selction and interview process.

Ultimately the results speak for themselves; I gained 7 job offers in 6 months (mix of airline, Foreign Air Forces & MOD contractors) plus got into the BA selection process. In sum a great product that I can’t recommend enough.”

Stu – Client


“Having not attended a job interview for 7 years, I faced the whole process with some trepidation, so when my dream job became available, I knew I had to do everything in my power to get it. I heard about Flight Deck Wingman from a friend, and initially purchased the study guide. The study guide contained some excellent information and frameworks outlining how to structure answers in the interview. Not wanting to regret a lack of preparation on my part, I also opted to also go for the Skype coaching session.

The 2-hour session with Andrew was worth every penny. It got me thinking in the style of the company I was applying to and opened my mind to aspects I had totally missed in my own preparation. Above all, and most importantly, the session gave me a massive confidence boost, and Andrews concise and relevant feedback enabled me to tweak my answers so they were ‘just so’.

Andrew conducts his business with the utmost of professionalism, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any other pilot facing the often intimidating world of airline recruitment.”

Client – Virgin


“After 16 years in the military flying Fast Jets and no Commercial experience, I elected to attend FDW’s ‘IP to Flight Deck Course’.Having not attended an interview, or any form of selection, for over 16 years, the wealth of industry experience and knowledge that Andrew and his Wingmen offer was fundamental in my success in securing an airline job.Andrew offers techniques which are easy to follow, but more importantly extremely effective when employed during selection.This, coupled with the opportunity for practical exercises with expert (and pee- to-peer) feedback, are the reasons I would commend anyone who plans to attend an airline selection, to first attend Andrew’s course.With Andrew’s help I was able to secure the first job I applied for, which is testament to how effective the service he offers is.Furthermore, the follow-up support and ability to re-attend a course as an observer offers unrivalled value for money, in my opinion.

Quite simply, it is a must for any Service Leaver hoping to secure their first airline job in an extremely competitive industry. “

Matt – Fast Jet to Commercial


“Andrew’s outstanding services have been essential to my success throughout the process of transitioning from the Military to the civilian airline industry. From his CV preparation right through to his assessment day workshops, he helped me create a professional product that gave me every confidence approaching and being assessed by employers. His tireless efforts to also give free, knowledgable and timely advice is a unique service that helped my preparations no end. His help and advice meant I was successful at all three airline assessments I attended.

I would highly recommend that anyone looking for excellent airline selection preparation uses Andrew’s services.”

DG – RAF Rotary


“I contacted FDW to help get my CV and Cover Letter writing up to scratch ahead of BA opening their recruitment window, but have successfully used the techniques I learnt for other airline applications too. The face to face service meant that I could examine my own experience and put it on paper in a way that is clear and relevant to commercial aviation. Using FDW’s insights, I have created a professional CV that is my own work and entirely personalised. It has been time well spent; my new CV has helped me to interviews with BA, TUI and Norwegian and job offers are starting to emerge too! FDW’s service has been really genuine and I’m very grateful for the continuing words of wisdom and sound advice that come with it.”
Client – RAF Voyager to Airline
“I got in touch with Flight Deck Wingman after very positive recommendations from friends regarding the service.  I work for a large International carrier based in Hong Kong and was looking to move back to a smaller UK based airline.  Having not had an interview or been in touch with a full selection procedure for around 7 years, I thought it might be a good idea to get in touch with Andrew, and I can gladly say it was a very good decision. The service Andrew provides is comprehensive, friendly, and most of all supportive.  We had a 2 hour Skype call with interview practice which I feel prepared me completely for the selection procedure which I undertook.  Andrew manages to pitch to exactly right level between nurturing and challenging you, which serves to inspire confidence in your own thought processes and answering technique. For me, Andrew’s service was invaluable, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to people preparing for airline selection and interviews.”
Client – Airline


“I used Flight Deck Wingman’s written guides and Skype coaching for interview, group exercise and simulator assessment preparation. I can’t say enough about the service that Flight Deck Wingman provides. The insight and depth of knowledge into the airline assessment processes is, in my opinion, unrivalled and the key to success. The thought, attention to detail and delivery of the preparation package demonstrates that he genuinely cares about your future and gets a kick out of helping people to gain that all important airline job. Thank you for your help and support.”

Client – Royal Flight to British Airways

“Flight deck wingman gave me the tools and know how to thrive at the assessment day. Andrew really gives you the confidence to prepare and challenge yourself – not only on the day but with a personalised service afterwards. Cannot recommend this service highly enough and a MUST for any potential airline pilot. Thanks!

Paul Lombardi – Royal Navy Fast Jet to TUI


“I am a 5000 hour ex-Army Air Corps rotary pilot and have spent a considerable time in the civilian sector conducting many different roles open to the rotary market. Eventually with some persuasion from close friends and the rather elongated dip in the rotary world it was time to pursue a career change to commercial fixed wing.

After writing my own CV and covering letter, which I thought was of a high quality but getting no replies, it was time to get some professional help. Nobody came more highly recommended than Flight Deck Wingman. A close friend of mine, a British Airways Captain with more than 20 years service within the commercial fixed wing sector had no hesitation pointing me in the right direction.

Initially, I signed up to Flight Deck Wingman’s CV and Covering letter writing service. Within minutes I had discovered that I was woeful at CV writing. With FlightDeckWingman’s intimate knowledge, he gave me the essential skills to not only rewrite my CV, but tailor it for any company. Almost immediately after submission for the next position, I had been invited to interview.

I realised quickly that I was crazily out of my depth to deal with the competency-based method of interview and extremely unfamiliar styles of questioning that I faced on an assessment day. Rapidly I booked onto the Interview Prep Course with FlightDeckWingman and again, his knowledge and skills were invaluable. I felt completely prepared and almost looking forward to the challenge of an assessment day.

Flight Deck Wingman is a very experienced aviator and has thoroughly researched the processes and skills that you can enhance to give you the best chance of succeeding in the recruitment process and securing that sought-after position in the commercial Fixed Wing world. I cannot thank him enough as I have recently been offered a position as a Senior First Officer on a B737 and can honestly say I could not have done it without the knowledge and skills he gave me

If you want to secure that coveted first position, in my opinion there is no other place to prepare yourself than Flight Deck Wingman”

Client – Airline


“A massive thank you to Flight Deck Wingman for the time and effort he invested in me to ensure I was fully prepared for my airline interviews.  Over 2 Skype coaching sessions Flight Deck Wingman tailored the interview prep to my specific weaknesses and ensured that my responses were relevant to the specific skills required of an airline pilot.  Following the sessions I was significantly more relaxed, and had the confidence to look forward to the interviews ahead.

Flight Deck Wingman afforded me the confidence to walk into the interview of my chosen airline and know that I was ready to answer the questions ahead.  I cannot recommend Flight Deck Wingman enough if transitioning from the military to the civilian world!

Steve Westley – RAF Tornado GR4 to


“As a low hour pilot looking for my first job opportunity I knew I’d need help with CV and Cover Letter creation. After using another company’s service, which in hindsight seemed to be generic and in part having irrelevant content, I wasn’t having much luck passing the initial application stage. Luckily a friend recommended Flight Deck Wingman and that all changed.

I first used the CV and Cover Letter service which I found fantastic and insightful, I was taught a technique on how to write them. It wasn’t a one size fits all solution but how to target any airline with relevant content and my own creative side was brought out to get noticed. I’m sure this made a world of difference with a CV layout and Cover Letter content which was individual to me.

I then decided to attend the Interview Preparation and Group Assessment Day Course. Although in a group it was still again individual to me, learning from others and helping target key points and strengthen them. With individual group assessment feedback, this gave me an idea of what I should focus on and develop to strengthen my position which gave me the confidence to go into a group assessment and also the knowledge of what was expected of me through the process. The interview service gave me a great insight on how to structure answers and hit relevant points, learning a technique which can be applied to any airline and multiple scenarios.

I’ve attended interview preparation with another company and it wasn’t as helpful or well put across as Flight Deck Wingman and lacked the individual focus which I feel is key.

To help with pre interview nerves I had an hour Skype coaching session to practice the interview style questions that may come up which gave me that extra bit of confidence for the interview, it all proved worth while as I was offered the position with the first airline I applied to after Flight Deck Wingmans assistance.
It truly is a great service and I highly recommend Flightdeck Wingman to anyone looking to put their best foot forward and to not hesitate because there really is no need to look elsewhere”

Client – Apprentice Scheme


“Being a very qualitative line of business, I feel Flight Deck Wingman deserves a review. Firstly, the reason I used a service like Flight Deck Wingman is to invest in myself. Having spent £1000s on flying training investing in myself for a change of career, I thought it would be silly not to spend a little bit more to give myself a substantial improvement in my CV and interview performance. I specifically used Flight Deck Wingman as opposed to other similar services because a) I received numerous positive recommendations from other military pilots; and b) the very personalised, bespoke service he provides. Flight Deck Wingman is not only a thoroughly nice chap, he’s also very good at what he does. He gets feedback from other pilots constantly, so knows the industry inside out, knows what interviewers want and genuinely will improve your interview performance hugely. I had no idea how much room for improvement there was before my interview coaching! For my CV, I had an idea, as luckily I had seen others. But again, he improved mine significantly. If you don’t know where to start, his CV service will be an absolute godsend! And if you do, you’ll be surprised at just how much better you can make it. Finally, he’s with you throughout your whole application process. He’s always happy to answer questions and keen to hear how you get on at each stage. I’ve successfully applied to two airlines and feel he had a major part to play.

JH – RAF Chinook to Jet2/Thomas Cook, “Currently anonymous – as I haven’t decided which of the two offers to take as yet!”


“I attended the inaugural Flight Deck Wingman “IP to Flight Deck” day course at the start of my exciting career transition from the Military.  The course has given me the knowledge I desperately needed to give me the best chance in getting interview offers, giving the best impression at interview and making it through those fatiguing assessment days! I was unaware just how much I didn’t know and would’ve been desperately unprepared without the course! I now feel tremendously confident with the process, my strengths and the things I need to work on. Thanks Flight Deck Wingman!

Client –  Current RAF A330 pilot

“Having 17 years experience flying heavy rotary in the Royal Navy, my transition to commercial flying operations has been filled with much trepidation.Having attended the Flightdeck Wingman  one-day pre interview course I can honestly say that it has been the most valuable investment I have made so far.The support and guidance that Andrew provides, specifically tailored to the needs of military pilots, is beyond anything else available on the market. Without it, I would certainly be unprepared for the unique challenges of CV writing and commercial interview techniques required to put myself ahead of the competition. If you have left, or are thinking of leaving the military, then do yourself a big favour and get in touch with Andrew, you will not regret it – I promise.

Client –  RN Rotary pilot

“Flight Deck Wingman (Andrew) made a massive difference to my performance in the group task element part of a flight school assessment process. In just an hour on Skype, Andrew was able to provide clarity to the previous feedback I had been given, explain to me the areas I had been going wrong and set out a clear strategy of ways in which I could improve. Andrew has a calm, friendly manner that puts you at ease, building an instant relationship with you. I advise anyone doing a group exercise to seek Andrews help, his interview and group exercise written guide is also extremely useful. My mark went up considerably and I have now passed the assessment and am looking forward to starting my training.”

Jack Fischer – Cadet to OAA


“Can’t recommend @Wingman_Andrew enough. Fantastic service and well worth investing in. If you are transitioning from the military to the commercial world, this is an absolute must!”

Ben Plank – Former Red Arrows Pilot


“I want to say a very big thank you to Flight Deck Wingman. A huge help with my application at every stage of the process, from CV writing all the way through to the final simulator assessment.

Andrew is always on hand for advice and really cements the techniques needed for success. I cannot recommend his services enough, not just for ex military pilots but also for commercial pilots transitioning to a different airline like myself.

CD – EasyJet to British Airways


“Having sent out numerous CVs without any luck I tried Flight Deck Wingman’s CV and cover letter service and my CV went from just okay to something I could be really proud of. More importantly, Andrew’s extensive industry knowledge assured me that what I was saying would be well received by recruiters and demonstrated the key skills they were looking for. Within days of contacting Andrew I was offered assessments with two well-known airlines and I have no doubt that this would not have happened without his help. Thank you Andrew!”

Thanks again for your help!

Adam Levy – RAF Puma to Jet2


“Hi Andrew, I just got the good news, I start with jetair on the15th! Thank you Andrew for your inestimable support in helping me getting a flight deck job! You really helped deciphering the HR logic by putting it at a pilot’s level throughout explanation and method with natural kindness and pedagogy. That was probably the final push I needed to remain confident and efficient during the big day! I talk to you in the air 😉

Guillaume Paillet – Aspiring Pilot to JetairFly



“So yesterday I got some feedback about my interview. Apparently I scored the highest out of all the applicants this year and set the benchmark for the subsequent interviews. To be honest I wouldn’t have been anywhere near that level if it wasn’t for you. Thanks to your interview prep package and Skype practice interview I nailed it. I can’t thank you enough, you have changed my life. Keep up the good work.”

AC – RAF A330 Voyager to Virgin


“Andrew has the ability to turn a good covering letter, into a great covering letter! I don’t think I would have got an assessment were it not for his guidance.”

Chris – RAF Fast Jet Pilot


“Flight Deck Wingman, alias Andrew, makes the difference !

Many thanks for you training, which well prepared and helped me to get this Job as F/O in the biggest tour operator (even though I only received my selection date 10 days before the D-Day!)

Your guide resumes all main questions for the interview, and added with your Skype interview training, was the perfect package ! You assessment logic & your experience are essentials !
I recommend 100% !!

FB – Aspiring Pilot to JetairFly


“Hi Andrew,

Hope all’s well. Just to let you know that I attended the Tui assessment day on Monday and was really pleased to get a call yesterday morning offering me a position. They asked if I could possibly start on 4th January, so after an honest conversation with the fine folks at Norwegian they agreed to let me leave at the end of this month.

So I’m pleased to say I’ll be joining Tui in the new year and all my preferred base options we’re available, so I plumped for Bristol. It was really useful to work with you and you can chalk up another CV success!”

Client – Norwegian/Monarch Airlines to TUI


“Flight deck wingman was recommended by a friend, I’m so glad I used him. Absolutely fantastic knowledge and professionalism to pass any interview process. He caters for every individuals needs and it was a delight to have worked with him. I now have my dream job because of him and it was well worth it. I have already recommended him to many others too”

MP – Monarch Airlines to Virgin


“I would highly recommend Flight Deck Wingman (FDW) to anyone transitioning into commercial aviation, especially if you are from a military background.

I received enormous help with my CV and numerous covering letters, bringing them all up to a very high standard. What makes FDW better than other providers?

Firstly, a complete understanding of your military qualifications. Secondly, a very personalised approach, totally bespoke to your individual requirements. Finally, what really makes FDW stand out of the crowd, is the follow on service they provide. I have received lots of great advice on who is currently recruiting and how best to approach them.

Thank you FDW!”

Stuart Lawson – RAF Fast Jet Navigator to Cobham


“After months of applying for pilot jobs after leaving the Navy without success I used Flightdeck Wingman’s CV/cover letter service and some Skype coaching for interview prep.

He really helped me to understand some of the things employers are looking for and more importantly NOT looking for in ex-military pilots in particular. I have now passed interviews and simulator assessments and am in 2 holding pools.

Andrew’s ongoing support and dedication really makes a difference and I’d recommend him to anyone trying to get into the industry.”

JB – RN (Fleet Air Arm) Lynx to FlyBe


“Andrew has without any doubt played a very important role in helping me secure a job with a major UK carrier. Being a foreigner, I knew absolutely no one in the airline I got a job with. The only information I had was through forums which doesn’t always feel reliable.

Andrew made the difference by giving me a clear view of what the assessors were looking for and what I could expect on the day.

Even now that I am on the line and better grasp my company culture, I realise how much all his tips made sense.
Andrew is very patient, dedicated and clearly wants to do his best to help out.
I owe him a lot and definitely recommend him.”

Charles Eggmont – Airline to British Airways


“As an ex military helicopter pilot, I initially found it difficult to write my CV and cover letter in a way that reflected the best of my flying career to date, relevant to the airline industry. After an initial application knock-back at the first hurdle, I was prompted by a friend to contact Flight Deck Wingman.

With his extensive knowledge of the airline industry, Flight Deck Wingman provided excellent hints and tips on where I should make changes to my CV and cover letter.

The next time I applied to an airline, my application progressed to the next stage. Prior to the interview Flight Deck Wingman’s interview preparation via Skype coaching was invaluable. I am now delighted to say that, after 10 months after my initial application, I have a start date with this Autumn. I’d thoroughly recommend Flight Deck Wingman’s services to anyone who is looking to make the move into the airline industry”.

Brian Tymczyszyn – RAF Chinook to Jet2


“Andrew has been a real asset during my preparation for my airline assessment. He knows exactly what the airlines want. With his experience and knowledge of the industry he will provide you the best training you need to shine for your assessment. Give yourself the best chance of success with Flight Deck Wingman!”

LD – Aspiring Pilot to Generation EasyJet


“I have felt that from my very first contact with you, that you have been as enthusiastic about me getting employment as I have. I arrived on your client list with a embryonic, but amateurish CV and covering letter. My CV went from a wordy ramble, to a honed side of A4 exuding professionalism and formed the basis for my approach to the market place. Along with my covering letter my CV gained impact and gave me confidence that I would be able to sell myself. The process also encouraged me to think in a way that would be easier to convey to HR professionals.

FDW’s flexible proactive approach continued through the Skype coaching that I completed. This further prepared me and gave me confidence for my assessment centre and resulted in a training contract with

Leaving the military is and retraining is an expensive time, but I am sure that my investment in FDW’s services helped gain my entry to the airline market. I can certainly recommend FDW as he was pivotal to my preparation and unlocking success.”

Scott Eldridge – RAF Rotary Royal Flight to Norwegian


“Absolutely the best advice you will ever receive about your next job. Wouldn’t have done it without Andrew’s considerable help.”

Neil Malkhandi – Monarch Airlines to Virgin


“Success Flight Deck Wingman! With the sincerest of thanks for your outstanding assistance I have secured my dream second career; finding new wings and discovering my smile with TUI. After 16 years of military service my transition to the commercial aviation sector has proved one of my biggest challenges to date. The uphill slog of ATPL theory and compacted flying assessments proved to be only half the battle. I was then into CV and interview territory, having never needed a CV and having only ever attended my one RAF interview. Your honest feedback helped to soften my resume of military parlance, your interview/group & sim assessment guides afforded me a solid preparatory framework and your Skype coaching was quite frankly game changing. More than this perhaps, is the through-care that you have invested in me along the way – true wingman style. Forever grateful Andrew – and to be highly recommended – thank you!”

Belinda Wall – RAF C17 to TUI


“For somebody in a similar position to myself, transitioning from a military aviation career in to the civilian sector, I couldn’t recommend Flight Deck Wingman’s services more highly. Having very little experience in CV & covering letter writing, interviews and simulator assessments, I decided to utilise most of the services that are offered. The CV and covering letter package was extremely useful in tailoring those items towards a specific airline and highlighting my relevant experience. As a result, my CV and covering letter gained me an interview from my first application. Subsequently I decided to purchase the interview and group assessment guide, and the simulator guide, both of which were coupled with some Skype coaching. All of the Skype coaching was extremely invaluable as Flight Deck Wingman takes a very thorough and personalised approach in helping you perform as best as you can and once again he can focus the training at a specific airline. I’m very grateful for the coaching that I received – Flight Deck Wingman’s services are thoroughly recommended and very much worth every penny!”

AF – RAF Typhoon pilot to Jet2


“What a fantastic and essential service! After having all my previous airline applications rejected at the screening phase, I decided to contact flightdeckwingman for help.

The CV and covering letter service provided was incredibly detailed and specifically tailored to individual needs. What was important for me was flightdeckwingman’s ability to translate military and rotary experience into understandable airline language. The time spent here was invaluable as my next application was an instant success!

The guidance given within flightdeckwingman’s interview notes really helped me understand what to expect in an airline assessment day and it was an essential aide to my preparation.

The question bank specifically highlights questions likely to be asked and when combined with a one on one practice skype session, I felt confident and fully prepared.

I am absolutely chuffed to have passed the assessment and it is thanks to flightdeckwingman’s friendly, flexible, focussed, professional service!”

Aaron Stewart – RAF Chinook to EasyJet


“Dear Andrew

Having spoken to you on the phone after I received the call offering me the opportunity to join Virgin Atlantic, I would also like to follow up and write a few words of recommendation for others, having, somewhat dramatically, found my self un-employed from Monarch Airlines at the beginning of October 2017 due to the liquidation of the company. With not having had an interview for over ten years, without a CV and with over four hundred others in the same position all applying for what few jobs there are at the moment, I needed to find the right help for me.

I looked at others on the market, some who have a generic approach to CV and cover letter writing. Some offered help with interview preparation, but few offered a personal service that was tailor made for the individuals circumstance and experience.
From my initial phone call with Andrew, I was encouraged by the understanding, support and encouragement that was given. It is easy to develop a working relationship with Andrew, one that is focused on your development and training on areas that I was weak on for the interview.

Within a very short time I had a professional CV and cover letter written and sent out. My interview competencies were honed and well polished and my confidence greatly raised as invites for assessments had come back within a week.

On walking into my first interview for over ten years I felt well prepared, confident and to some degree relaxed after my coaching with Andrew a few days before.

The results speak for themselves. I was offered the placement and the feedback from the lady who called me from the HR department was that I had done ‘very well and scored highly on my competencies’

Andrew will give you a tailored package helping you succeed in a very competitive market. I can only thank him for his efforts, without which, my position right now would not be this positive!”

MD – Monarch Airlines Pilot to Virgin


“Monarch airlines went bust with virtually no notice on Monday 2nd October – by that evening Andrew had already responded to my request for help and we spent much of the next 2 nights polishing my CV to give me the best chance of an interview with Virgin Atlantic. Recognising the urgency of the situation, Andrew was particularly keen to help and went well beyond mere good value for money. His hard work and support left me feeling like all was not lost.

It worked! By the next week I had been offered an interview, and Andrew again took time out from his busy flying roster to provide detailed and well focussed training, which was again great value for money.

So the interview happened on the 16th of October. With Andrew’s help I felt much more confident than in previous interviews; I knew what to expect and had a good ‘golf bag’ of suitable answers with which to respond. None of this was bull – Andrew just helped me find suitable events to mention and the best way to use them to illustrate competencies the interviewers were looking for.

Just over a week later, on my Birthday as it happened, I got “The Call” – I start with Virgin early in the new year! I feel like I’ve not only dragged myself out of the poo, but have come up smelling of roses, and much of that I put down to the friendly and professional preparation provided by Flight Deck Wingman, who I would recommend to anyone preparing for an airline recruitment process.”

PW – Monarch Airlines to Virgin


“I initially contacted Andrew to use his CV and Covering Letter service. His personable, individually tailored approach to my application, undoubtedly ensured that I stood out from the rest, in this highly competitive market. For me, it was his guidance and expertise in extracting my military experience and turning it into clear, concise, commercial language that really helped.

His Interview Written Guide and Skype Interview Coaching were first class. Having not been interviewed for over 10 years, I found both these services invaluable. Knowledgeable and tailored to your specific airline of choice, he guides you to ensure you use the correct elements of your professional experience to sell yourself to the company.

After using Flight Deck Wingman’s service, I felt extremely prepared, which ensured I was relaxed, confident and ultimately enjoyed my assessment day.

I was absolutely delighted to be offered a job with my chosen airline and it is thanks to Andrew’s friendly, professional, flexible service that I succeeded. Whatever your aviation background, I would highly recommend Flight Deck Wingman to all aspiring airline pilots.”

Stuart McLaughlin – RAF Chinook to Jet2


“Hi everyone! As a fighter pilot transitioning to the airline industry and seeking a first officer position, I was looking for assistance in making the transition. A friend recommended I take a look at Flight Deck Wingman…

As a former military pilot, Flight Deck Wingman’s specialisation in helping pilots with my type of background to succeed in a second career was invaluable.

I purchased the Flight Deck Wingman Guide to Passing Interviews and Group Exercises to initially prepare for my upcoming airline interview. The guide was extremely useful, translating into words the skills and experience I had to offer.

After that I followed FDW’s advice and underwent 2 hours of Skype coaching – this put all of my preparation into practice and gave me the confidence I needed.

Andrew has always been available and reactive to my questions. He will not hesitate to spend additional time assisting and explaining to you the useful tips to demonstrate transferable skills to a potential future employer and even kept in touch after the assessments to answer any general questions or queries I had.

Andrew is very professional and has a superb knowledge of each airline and your experience, tailoring your preparation perfectly.

I am proud to say that I succeeded in the airline selection FDW prepared me for and would highly recommend FDW services – especially to former military pilots.

Thank you so much Andrew!”

CC – French Military Fast Jet to EasyJet


“Andrew’s guidance, insight, knowledge and thoughts were beneficial in helping me to prepare for my academy assessment where I was successful. I would recommend his coaching services to anyone who is preparing to attend an academy assessment, his knowledge of the industry can really help.”


Ian Mitchell – Aspiring Pilot to OAA Academy


“When one of the largest airlines in the UK opened its doors for TR and NTR pilot applications, I desperately needed to drag my CV and covering letter out of the dark ages.

As recruitment has become ever more HR driven, I decided I needed some guidance from someone ‘in the know’. I turned to Flight Deck Wingman and, after many hours (many more than anticipated), not only had we brought my CV up to date but had also tailored both the CV and covering letter specifically to the company I was applying to.

Flight Deck Wingman has the skills to dissect a company’s ethos and branding, putting into words how my skills and experience could match their requirements. Less than a week after the closing date for applications, I received an email inviting me to the next stage of selection.

The Flight Deck Wingman service served its purpose and got me through the door and onto the next stage of selection. This service should be considered as an investment in dramatically increasing your chances of passing the next stage of any selection. I have my diary open now, looking for dates to get some coaching ready for the interview.”

DB – Jet2 to TUI


“Andrew at Flight Deck Wingman has been a great help in successfully applying for a career in the Royal Air Force as a pilot, and with IOT starting next week, it’s all becoming very real and his services have paid off. After being recommended by a friend and numerous coaching sessions, he has been a wealth of knowledge and his passion for both the military and civilian flying industries has been infectious.

The one to one coaching put me in good stead for the selection process, whether that be interviews, teamwork/leadership exercises, or the planning exercises. He ensured I was in the right frame of mind, and provided encouragement and positivity during the tough times of the 9 month process.

The knowledge that he shared and his experience with the military selection process put me in the best position to do well myself, and I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone serious about an aircrew career in the forces. From the leadership methods, mnemonics and interview practice to general questions about life in the forces, Andrew has it all covered and has been a great help towards securing my dream job. Thanks very much, I’ll be sure to pass the Flight Deck Wingman service to anyone aiming for military or civil aviation!”

Calum Walsh – Aspiring RAF Pilot (OASC selection success)


“Flightdeckwingman can really make the difference by helping you create an effective application.

The service Andrew provides is personalised to your experience and aspirations while his knowledge of the industry is key to effectively aiming your application. This will not just be at the right company – but at the right person, in the right company at the right time. When that application arrives you can rest assured that Andrew will have helped you create a CV that best portrays you and your skills and a covering letter that best demonstrates your reasons for wanting to join your chosen airline.

When successful in the screening phase the Flight Deck Wingman services will help prepare you for interview with a guide and coaching session based on the interview you are about to enter. There is nothing generic here! You will be prepped for the company you are applying to in a one on one session that highlights your strengths and irons out the weaknesses.
Does it work….? Absolutely.

I endorse Andrew 100%. There is no need to look anywhere else.”

Patrick Mordecai – RAF A330 Voyager to Virgin


“A big thank you to Andrew of Flight Deck Wingman who helped me secure my dream job as a Pilot in the Armed Forces.

His previous experience as an Officer and Pilot in HM Armed Forces was vital in helping me pass my interview and selection boards. The interview techniques he provided were top class and definitely played a part in my successful application.

I want to thank Andrew personally and if our paths ever cross in person, I’ll have to buy him a pint!

I would recommend Flight Deck Wingman to any aspiring Pilots – Civilian or Military, who require help with their applications!

Thanks again Andrew!”

Christian Robinson – Aspiring RAF Pilot (OASC selection success)


“Andrew has a unique industry insight and provided me with expert support and assistance throughout my application process. Following professional guidance using his in depth knowledge I was able to secure a job with the U.K.’s flag carrier. comes highly recommended for anybody considering applying to, or going through an airline assessment process.”

Ben Flood Page – Ryanair to British Airways



Your personalised Skype coaching and interview preparation guide was Absolutely priceless and 100% accurate!

I walked into the interview feeling confident and relaxed, I was prepared for everything they asked me! The interview questions were exactly as you briefed me.

Your insight into different airlines and how you personalised my preparation was first class.

The purchase of the interview guide and 2 hours Skype coaching undoubtedly gave me the edge and the skills to impress the interview panel, leading to a successful day and prompt job offer.

Anyone with an interview coming up CAN NOT afford to miss out on the experience and skill set you offer.

I would highly recommend the services of FLIGHT DECK WINGMAN to anyone thinking of progressing their careers , from cadets to experienced Captains.

Many thanks once again from a very happy client.”

“As an RAF leaver, Andrew took my CV and turned it into something commercial airlines can understand and offered a few different options on formatting, tailored specifically to the carrier. Fortunately it made it through the dreaded ‘sift’ and I was invited to interview, which ultimately lead to a job offer.

I can highly recommend Andrew to Service leavers as he gave me the inspiration and confidence to advertise myself appropriately in an extremely competitive market. Some of his ideas I’d never considered and I’m certain that without his input, the words, layout and overall ‘feel’ of my CV would not have been as polished as the final version I presented for assessment.

An invaluable service for those exploring the job market and one I’d gladly use again in future.”

DM – Airline to Thomas Cook  


“As an RAF leaver, Andrew took my CV and turned it into something commercial airlines can understand and offered a few different options on formatting, tailored specifically to the carrier. Fortunately it made it through the dreaded ‘sift’ and I was invited to interview, which ultimately lead to a job offer.

I can highly recommend Andrew to Service leavers as he gave me the inspiration and confidence to advertise myself appropriately in an extremely competitive market. Some of his ideas I’d never considered and I’m certain that without his input, the words, layout and overall ‘feel’ of my CV would not have been as polished as the final version I presented for assessment.

An invaluable service for those exploring the job market and one I’d gladly use again in future.”

LB – RAF A330 Voyager to Virgin


“A big thank you to Andrew for the professional and personal service for helping me to gain employment offers with 2 major UK airlines. The service was specifically tailored to my individual needs and significantly improved my performance at interview.

The coaching session via Skype provided me with valuable feedback which structured and focused my answers on specific skills. He really knows his subject and his advice was on the money every time. Andrew’s guidance assisted me to tailor my answers to appeal to each specific airlines ethos and branding. Flight Deck Wingman really did give me the confidence to walk into interviews knowing I had the answers to standard questions, and I felt prepared to tackle scenario based questions and really shine.

I genuinely thought I had prepared thoroughly before I contacted Flight Deck Wingman but his Skype coaching really was a game changer for me. Massively improved my performance at interview enabling me to secure 2 job offers at major UK airlines.

The CV and Cover Letter service again highlighted key areas to improve on which I was totally oblivious to. Again I thought I had produced a good product by myself but with Flight Deck Wingman’s personal and tailored service my end product was improved beyond recognition. He clearly spent a long time making considered suggestions and helped me to really make my CV and Cover Letter stand out.

I owe a big thank you to Flight Deck Wingman for this service and endorse Andrew 100%, no need to look elsewhere.”

Luke Yates – RAF A330 Voyager to Virgin